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Union Brawl

So let’s get started about the newest addition to the Game of Sultan’s universe, Union Brawl!

      Union Brawl is an opportunity to work together as a union and fight other unions using your top five powered viziers. This event is similar to both the union feast event and coalition wars in the respect that once the event has begun no current members of a union can leave. Although people are not able to leave a union during this time it is still possible for members to join.

   You will be able to choose what viziers you would like to use during this event. Something to note is that your viziers power will change depending upon the weather, but we will come back to that later. The chosen viziers will then be put into the battle field. I believe that people will be limited by energy. Like the union feast you will be able to gain more energy by spending diamonds or money. Another way to get more energy is to send out the packs that you can buy for the whole union for $19.99.

Battles, chests and more…

     The way that the battles work is the person who first wins will be able to earn moon emblems from the losing player. I’m not yet sure what these are good for other then you can use them at the end for ranking. The rankings will be both based on individual and union ranking.

     Battles will happen either between other players or facing an non-playable character. What this means is that you will fight a person and hope to win, creating more “Glory” or you will earn some points from face NPCs. These NPCs can be either characters which you will have a chance of bringing to fight by your side for three rounds, or a beast. The last thing that you could run into would be chests. These will give you items if you choose to open them. (I am guessing there will be  a supply guy like the feasts event where you will get the option to buy stuff for the event,) you can either buy using diamonds or get stuff for the whole union.

   Similar to the feast event you can ask your union members to help out with your challenges.

     Attacking will cost you two stamina each time, and earn you points. You will notice that you can use power ups each time that you attack. For every successful attack you will earn a new combat card that can be used during the next ten minutes. This buff can help you a lot!!!

    Another thing you can do is use the bonus combat cards. There are many different choices that you can choose from. One of the choice for example is that the card will turn an opposing vizier against their own team. This would help to make it so the guy will be more likely to be eliminated. Each vizier can attack one time per set. If a vizier is defeated their picture will be greyed out.


Union Ambush    

     So the last thing I will talk about is the union aspect of the battles. This is the part where the union will be able to work together to earn points as well as status for your unions.

     The unions will be ranked according to the number of successful ambushes. There are two ways to choose unions to attack either the ambushed union list or other unions. from this list you will be able to pick a union and see their leader. From here all members are able to partake in the ambush to earn points.

    I am guessing that there will be a special prize from the top ranked union. Ambushes can be setup using ambush seals and advanced ambush seals. Using ambush seals can also earn rewards, for example advanced seals can be used to change the weather. this can be useful against other players.

Rewards, don’t we love them!!!

      Lots of glorious rewards that make this event very excellent to help your viziers to grow.



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