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Intimacy & Charm

Heirs, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing…other than building your empire power and increasing vizier attributes!

How do heirs improve empire power?

Heirs improve empire power in 2 ways:
First, each time you level the heir, it adds their increased attributes to your overall empire power score.
Second, when you marry off your heirs, their new spouse’s attribute score is added to your overall empire power score.

Ok, that all makes sense…but what was that about heirs increasing vizier attribute levels? How does that work?

 Your viziers can become tutors and you can use scrolls (normal, rare, or epic) to level up your heir’s skills. You gather scrolls from events and from dispatching your kids to other countries.

Once an heir has been leveled (each try is 10 scrolls), they can be assigned to a vizier with the same talent (military, research, politics, or prestige) to give a bump to that attribute. Once a kid is attached to a vizier, you’ll need a kid with a higher skill level to replace them on that vizier.

Got it, but my heirs are wimps. How do I make them better so that my score boost will be better?

Basic rule of thumb, the more intimate you are with their other parent (your companion), the better the heir. Have a baby with a low-intimacy consort and that baby is going to suck. High intimacy results in:
– your kid has a better shot at being a Genius (level 50) or Brilliant (level 40). That means that you’ve got more levels to pump up your kids attributes.
– a higher per-level boost for the kid. So, every time you “feed” your heir, they get more attributes.

There is 1 additional aspect of heir raising that matters – the higher the companion level of the companion, the better the per-level attribute bonus for the heir. So, charm plays a small role in order to level up your consorts.

So, you want to know…how to maximize Companion XP?

How do you maximize XP when gettin’ busy with your companions? They gotta be mad charming!

Maxing out Companion XP is dependent on 3 things:
(1) how charming are your consorts?
(2) how many times can you visit?
(3) how much mail do you have?

Companion Charm
By giving your hoes the above the shoulder bling (earrings and hair pins), visiting your Imperial Counsel to get some foreign lady servants (clones), you are leveling up their charm. The result is higher Companion XP earnings when you visit.

(1) Earrings: There are two types of earrings:
– Silver give +1 to a selected companion’s charm
– Gold give +2 charm
– Because I value having a higher level companion in teaching rooms, I give all of my earrings to 1 companion, but this strategy may reduce my overall companion xp score by a bit
(2) Hairpins: There are three types of hair pins (and a chest):
– Silver give a random companion +2-5 charm
– Gold give a random companion +6-10 charm
– Platinum give a random companion +11-20 charm
– Hairpin chests give all companion +5-10 charm This obviously has the greatest impact when you have more companion
(3) Charm Chests and Packs: There are also charm chests and packs:
– Charm Chests give +5 charm to all companions. This obviously has the greatest impact when you have more companions
– Charm Packs give +10-50 to a random companions
(4) Foreign Maids: When you visit Your Imperial Council, the envoys will sometimes give you a maid-clone to serve your ladies. These clones will provide your selected companion with +1-5 charm. You can use Tribute Seals to visit the envoys more than the free 3x/day (if you have the Venetian envoy, you can visit him to get more vigor orbs as well). Like with the earrings, I tend to give all of my lady clones to one companion

Gettin’ Busy
Now that your hoes are super charming, you can’t keep your hands off of them. You’ll want to get busy with them as many times as possible.

(1) Use all of your free companion visits
(2) Use vigor orbs to visit them a bunch more. Remember: you have a chance to get more of the little blue (orbs) when you visit the Venetian envoy.
(3) Use Love Letters to bang your highest-charm companion I will only use love letters when I have empty heir spots or it is wasting part of the benefit of the letters.

I Guess That Mail is Sexy?

You can also get additional Companion XP by sending your hoes non-love letter mail…for some reason…
(1) Invite Letter I: gives a random ho +1,000-10,000 XP
(2) Invite Letter 2: gives a random ho +20,000-100,000 XP

Things you should horde for Intimacy, Charm and Companion XP Rush:

Intimacy Items
  • agate rings
  • emerald rings
  • intimacy chest
  • intimacy pack
  • agate bracelet
  • emerald bracelet
  • amulet (masquerade)
  • energy orb (masquerade)
  • tribute seals (to get more amulets)
Charm Items
  • silver earrings
  • gold earrings
  • charm chest
  • charm pack
  • silver hairpin
  • gold hairpin
  • platinum hairpin
  • tribute seal (to get more maid-clones)
Companion XP
  • invite letters (blue/green/white)
  • vigor orbs
  • charm items (if you’re trying to boost up your consorts charm stats to get more xp when you visit)

Consort XP Formula

Consort XP= 0.01xCharm^2 + Charm

Since charm is squared, don’t spread out your charm a lot. You’ll get less xp.

Preferred companions in order for total empire power growth (vizier talent stars in parenthesis):

1 (tie): Jasmine (Jasmine – 60)
1 (tie): Telia (Telia – 60)
3: Sophia (Jonas – 60) VIP 9
4: Raven (Sormet – 30) VIP 7
5: Elena (Ibrahim – 28) VIP 8
6 (tie): Osilda (Merzif – 24) Free
6 (tie): Alessa (Murat – 24) VIP 3
6 (tie): Rosa (Hersek – 24) VIP 4
9: Samina (Semi – 16) Free

Companion skill xp bonus will have a larger potential impact for viziers with more talent stars (more attribute points to multiply)

Credit goes to Jass for a fantastic guide

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