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We have cooked up some helpful tips.


Line up your daggers and get higher scores with this marvelous guide.

Empire Growth

Learn how to grow your empire faster and how to calculate for rushes.


Time to storm the fortress with these fantastic tips.

Free Diamonds

Need more diamonds, of course you do. This guide will help you score some free diamonds in the game.

The Hunt

No need to hunt for tips, we have some here.

Intimacy and Charm

Consorts have needs too. Come find out how to help them make your kingdom more powerful.


You will no longer be puzzled with these awesome tips.


Read this great guide to help stop you from ruins.

Star StonesĀ 

This guide was written in the stars.

War of Hunters (aka Pirates)

Gather your swashbuckling crew and follow this guide to pilliage and get the pieces of eight.

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