Coalition Information

Our Guidelines and other helpful information.

Daily Quests

  • Make sure to pick up your quest every day.
  • Please a one or two viziers to each quest on the quest board.
  • If you have to open up a quest late please let the rest of the coalition know so we can all complete it and get points.
  • Make sure to add your building materials to the coalition at least one time a week.
  • Quests that are still open after 10pm eastern time can have three of your viziers placed in them


  • Be respectful to other players, union and coalitions.
  • Please try to be positive and encouraging to other players.
  • Treat others the way that you wish to be treated.

Coalition War

  • Please make sure that you place your viziers before the war.
  • Buy your food before the war and during the war so you can use it.
  • Please check to see the coalition war strategy for the most current war.
  • Even if you can not attend during the event make sure you place viziers in the advised locations.
  • After the war check back in to recieve your reward for participation.