Coalition war

So let’s get started about Coalition War

Who are we against and why?
The game uses an algorithm to determine like powered coalitions for us to face. The names of each coalition will be in the top of the map.

To have the best information to determine game play, having people check out the coalitions as well as the unions within them can be very helpful. This can be achieved by joining that unions server and then looking at leader boards. This will give a good idea what we are up against.


We will begin with map layout, buildings and purposes.

Each coalition is defending one of the sections.
The defending coalition with coordinate with the color next to their name.
The color coding is as follows:
Forest is green
Snow is blue
Mountain is brown

The coalition will only be able to attack strongholds next to ones they occupy. This means you have to defeat all the fortresses before you can get to the camp.

The three types lands

Buildings and their purposes

Coalition Camp

When the Coalition Camp is broken, the Coalition will be eliminated, and all of its remaining Strongholds will become Borderland that can be taken by any remaining Coalition. The key thing to do is to conquer another coalitions camp. If a camp is taken all members in the conquering coalition will earn 2,500 merit points. Once a camp is taken over that coalition is no longer able to participate for the remainder of the war.



This building is important because it help to boost the damage in the neighboring forts. It increases damage by 15% for all Viziers deployed in neighboring Strongholds (excluding the Granary itself.)

It would boost Fortress C, D, and F

Chamber of Commerce (CoC)

This building is important because it help to gather resources. The resources are used to unlock different skills that can help the coalition. Gathering resources also help to build merit. Only Commanders and the Leader are able to use this building. To use the building tap the CoC to receive Resources, Intelligence, and individual Merit by talking to tourists and merchants.
You will earn 8 merit for each completed task. Each task will cost two energy to engage in talks and one energy for each time you have to continue talking to the same person.


These buildings are the key defense to the land. There are a total of six fortresses in each stronghold. A, B, C, D, E, and F. Each forest can be accessed by connecting lands. These are shown with the dotted lines. If a fort is touching another coalitions land then that coalition is able to attack the fort. When Viziers deployed in a Fortress reach a certain amount of damage suffered by them will be reduced my 20%. Fortresses start off with 4000 health. Attacking a fort will earn 10 merit each time and bonus energy for combos of ten, this is also true of defending a fort.
Remember to deploy viziers on defending forts so that attackers are more likely to hit the guys rather than the fort. When guys are defeated they are returned into the cue to heal and then can be redeployed for 2 energy each.
Please also note that it is possible to see the number of guys in each connecting land.



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